House rules

For your dog or cat to have a nice holiday have in our hotel there are some rules that must be strictly observed both on our part as the owner of the animal. Most rules are therefore determined by law and must therefore be followed. Upon entering the hotel, you must always bring the book to the vet, the booklet stays with us so we can see it if necessary. If it appears that your animal is not right with the mandatory vaccinations, we unfortunately have to refuse the animal, this is in the interest of your own animal like that of other guests.

With regard to the cats:

– The cat should be neutered or spayed. – The cat must be vaccinated against panleucopenia, rhinotracheitis and leucosis. – The cat should be dewormed. -by Which we can not control whether your cat is treated against fleas and ticks the cat is treated preventively upon introduction. The costs associated with it are passed on to the owner.

With regard to the dogs:

– The dog must be vaccinated against distemper, parvovirosis, leptospirosis, hepatitis contagiosa canis and kennel cough. – The dog should be dewormed. – Because we can not control whether your dog is treated against fleas and ticks dog preventative treatment when introduced. The costs associated with it are passed on to the owner. If during the stay are problems with your pet, we will always attempt to contact you, together we will discuss the problems and then we can possibly consult your veterinarian. If it appears that your animal needs care from a doctor, we will see this, the costs that will be passed resultant to the owner of the animal. If your pet needs to take medication during the stay, we will of course ensure that this happens in time, please indicate this on the registration form is always good. We therefore ask you to bring enough of this medication.



Every dog ​​is different and therefore has its own eating habits. When the registration is therefore a list that you need to fill your dog’s habits. You can also bring your own food for the entire duration of the stay. If you want us to provide the food, we only charge €1/day If your dog has special dietary needs please be sure to bring this along. We always ensure that there is adequate drinking water everywhere in the hotel available.


For cats, there is always food includes various brands both dry foods and wet foods. If your cat special dietary needs please bring it over. Upon registration you will also find a list of which we ask you to write down the eating habits of the cat so that we can take this into account. The cats stay is always available fresh drinking water anywhere.